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Communicate through video, voice and text chat with extreme security
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Telegram Desktop is a client that uses the homonymous communication services. The tool is so similar to others messengers that you will not feel much difference. Setting an account is probably the most difficult part, and still, it can be done by any kind of user. Like many other similar services, this one requires entering your telephone number to start communicating. Then, almost instantly, you receive the account activation code. Next, you can add your contacts.

Since most of this product’s advantages are logically derived from those of Telegram services, let us see now what they have to offer. First, it allows various types of communication, like text, video and voice chat as well as messages. Moreover, you can attach any type of files, such as songs, pictures, and documents.

It is noticeable that most of the emphasis is placed on security. The service is widely recognized for its using powerful encryption algorithms. Besides, your conversations are so private that no traces of your messages are kept in the servers since end-to-end encryption is available. What is more, you can send self-destructing messages in the style of James Bond films.

Telegram also allows synchronizing messages across platforms. In this respect, there are various versions of the client that work on other operating systems, like MacOS, Android and Windows Phone. In fact, the company allows third parties to freely develop their own Telegram clients.

In general, I recommend Telegram Desktop because of the stability, speed, security, and versatility of its communication services. No wonder they have an increasingly bigger share of the market.

Pedro Castro
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  • Secure, stable and fast service
  • Cross-platform
  • Self-destruct timers
  • Powerful encryption


  • Creating an account requires providing your phone number
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